Where food and climate targets meet.
I worked with Foodsteps to design and deliver their Foodstory project. I designed and developed a set of mobile-first CMS templates that are findable from QR codes on food products, giving customers a consumable carbon footprint assessment of their food. I provided onboard training with the Foodsteps team so that they can quickly and easily upload content for their clients including Pizza Express, Kew Gardens and Zizzi.
Design & Development
"Huw was a delight to work with, he went above and beyond and was highly communicative. Highly impressed by his work, his work ethic and the general outcome of the project. His designs are beautiful and he created a back end custom CMS for us which we previously were told by other freelancers was 'impossible' but Huw found a way! Highly impressed. We'll be hiring him for more work for certain."
Rose, Content and Community Manager, Foodsteps

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