Freelancer creating immersive, purposeful and functional websites.

I'm Huw, a designer and Webflow developer based in Manchester. Working with single-owner startups to global companies, I love partnering with people and teams to create websites that seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics.
With a background in digital marketing, SEO, ecommerce and content writing, I have a well rounded understanding of the digital landscape, allowing me to develop websites that perform in all aspects.
Huw Saunders Profile

Freelancer creating immersive, purposeful and functional websites.

What I do
Grounded by my knowledge in HTML, CSS and Javascript, I'm equipped to build bespoke solutions as required. I focus on clean development both in the front and back end, and always develop with the client in mind.
I'm an adaptable web designer, focussed on clean, modern and functional design.  Whether working with brand guidelines or starting from scratch, my focus is on delivering beautiful but effective solutions.
Who I work with
I love working with people to deliver beautiful and functional solutions. I take massive pride in my communication, ensuring I have a full understanding of brands and their goals, and making sure clients are confident in managing their site post-launch.
Whether focussed on development, design or a mix of both, I work with agencies on both a short and long term basis. I aim to seamlessly integrate with teams, offering friendly, reliable and stress-free support.
Away from the screen
I write and produce music in my attic studio, occasionally releasing under Huw Davies and Rhone. Playing a range of instruments from guitar to clarinet to mandolin, music has always been a big part of my life and fortunately, bleeds into my online work, helping exercise my creativity.

I also try to venture out of my attic and head into the hills as often as I can. I juggle a bunch of sports, with running, cycling, hiking and surfing tending to be what I get up to the most. I'm usually armed with a film camera or two from my expanding collection, with my current favourites being my Olympus OM-1 and XA2.

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